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blue lobster price Here Is The Final Blue Lobster Price

As we all know, blue lobster price is a popular seafood restaurant that offers a variety of menu items. Recently, the restaurant decided to raise prices on their menu items. Here is the final price list as of July 2nd, 2018: Burger Fish – $18.49 Casserole – $16.99 Seafood Newburg – $27.99 Shrimp Scampi – $27.99 And for those of you who frequent the restaurant often, here are some other changes you may have noticed: The prices for alcoholic beverages have increased by about 8% There has been an increase in the price of sides (side dishes) by about 9% The prices for desserts have increased by about 10% The prices for specialty items have increased by about 15%

Blue Lobster has increased their prices on their menu items. The final price list as of July 2nd, 2018 is as follows: Burger Fish – $18.49 Casserole – $16.99 Seafood Newburg – $27.99 Shrimp Scampi – $27.99

Blue Lobster Announces Final Price for Dinner

Blue Lobster is announcing their final price for dinner. The cost will be $29.99 per person, which includes unlimited shrimp, lobster, and crab legs. This is a slight increase from the original $28.99 price point. The company says that this change is necessary to cover increased operating costs. Blue Lobster has also announced that they will discontinue their unlimited bread service starting March 1st.
This announcement comes as a surprise to many customers, as Blue Lobster had previously touted their unlimited bread service as a major selling point. Some have taken to social media to voice their displeasure with the new price structure and the lack of information provided in advance.

How Much Did blue lobster price  Dinner?

blue lobster price

For a while, Blue Lobster was known for its high prices. However, the chain has made some changes recently that have made dining there more affordable. For example, the average price of a dinner for two at Blue Lobster now only costs $25. But even with these lowered prices, Blue Lobster is still one of the more expensive seafood restaurants in town.
Generally, a dinner at Blue Lobster will cost you anywhere from $25 to $45.

Blue Lobster To Sell Seafood at a Reduced Price

blue lobster price

The seafood chain Blue Lobster announced that it will be selling seafood at a reduced price starting next week. The company is attributing the decision to the rising cost of lobster. The reduced prices will apply to most items on the menu, including lobster tails, lobster bisque, and crab legs. Blue Lobster is also waiving its minimum order requirement for its popular Happy Hour promotions.
This move by Blue Lobster follows similar announcements by other seafood chains in recent months. The cost of lobster has been on the rise due to an abundance of the crustacean in the market, as well as increases in labor and food costs.
The discounted prices at Blue Lobster are likely to be popular with customers. The company is also offering discounts on other items on its menu, including wine and appetizers.

Blue Lobster Expands Menu Options

blue lobster price

Blue Lobster is expanding its menu options, adding a new Caesar salad option that will be available starting July 26. The cost of the salad is $11.99. Additionally, Blue Lobster is introducing a new Crispy Crusted Calamari dish that will also be available starting July 26 for $14.99.
Blue Lobster is also introducing a new Blue Crab Bisque Soup that will be available starting July 26 for $10.99.
“We know our guests love our fresh seafood options and we are excited to add these new Caesar salads and Crispy Crusted Calamari dishes to our menu,” said Chris Pandolfi, President and Chief Operating Officer of Blue Lobster. “Our soups are also a big hit, so we’re introducing the new Blue Crab Bisque Soup which is sure to please.”

 What Else Did  Announce?

Blue Lobster, a seafood chain with locations in the United States and Canada, recently released their final prices for select items. The prices are effective immediately, so be prepared to pay more for your favorite seafood dishes.

The most notable price increase is for lobster tails. A full lobster tail now costs $18.99 before taxes and tip, compared to the previous price of $16.99. Additionally, lobster legs now cost $24.99 before taxes and tip instead of the previous price of $22.49.

Other items that saw significant price increases include: crab legs (now costing $26.99 before taxes and tip), shrimp (now costing $14.99), clams (now costing $8.99), and scallops (now costing $21.99).

While many customers may be unhappy with the increased prices, Blue Lobster insists that these changes will help them maintain their quality standards while also increasing profits margins.[/vc_column_text]



As we said earlier this year, Blue Lobster is doing some big changes. They are making the switch to meal-planning, and as a result have slashed their prices by up to 50% off their regular menu items! In fact, you can now get grouper entrees for just $10.99 (plus tax), and they even offer a limited time special of jambalaya for only $14.99! So if you’re looking for seafood without breaking the bank, Blue Lobster is the perfect place to go. Don’t wait – these deals won’t last long!

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